Twenty One Point Five

If life is worth is worth living for that one day of the year when the entire Earth explodes into surprises, warm greetings and that oh-so-familiar great feeling.

People prove to you, be it after a good wait of 365 days, that there is someone out there who will share a smile with you.

All you need to do, is keep going.

And hence arrives the most controversial day of the year. Controversial because its origins are shrouded away in mystery. Its history has long forgotten to be traced. And honestly, sometimes I don't even know what the hell is going on.

Every year, I get birthday wishes, on this sixth day of the sixth month, but with an added twist.

Every year, I age by not one year, but by half.

Thanks to all those who just cannot seem to remember how old I am. 20. 21. 22. Or 23.

Well, they are numbers, really. And at one point of life, with greying hair, balding scalp, and eyes that can hardly make naughts out from crosses, these numbers will hardly make a difference...

But as inhabitants of this third rock from the sun, we are obliged to obey the system.

Which is where the half comes in. A nice average that incorporates the sometimes preposterous age years that I have not even (or in some instances, have by far) crossed, yet am wished entry into all the time. Again I say, it does not make a difference...

What does make a difference is the wish itself.

The wish that makes you feel special. Me, feel special.

Hi, I am Arslan Saeed.

And today I turned twenty one point five.



  1. haha have a happy 29th birthday, arsey (hope i killed your averages)!

    but seriously, make a day of today and have fun :)