And If All Fails...

Remember, an indecision is better than a wrong decision.

But for how much longer?

The time is lapsing; the dice needs to be rolled.

Nobody likes a hasty decision.

So, to think it through?

What are the odds? How high are the stakes?

To dream the unlikely. To want the impossible. The stakes are bound to be high.

How many chances? One? Or infinite?

To roll the dice? Or not to roll the dice?

And when?

That is the question. The ultimate question. The only question.


  1. Give yourself a deadline, make a decision, and never look back.
    But then again, I'd rather make a wrong decision in time than be indecisive. I hate it naturally ;)

  2. Easier said than done. If it falls flat on its face, you cannot imagine the criticism I will be subject to. And its proportions.

  3. Oh. Well, the 'never look back' part also includes ignoring worthless criticism, But 'proportions' is a grey area lol
    Good luck with whatever you're doing :P