Speed Of Sound

E = mc2

Albert Einstein's theory was pretty straightforward: if you can accelerate mass to the speed of light, it turns into energy. His idea opened the world to a whole set of new possibilities. It can be argued (if not, you'll know I pioneered it) if one can invent a medium (preferably vacuumed) that can turn mass into energy, and then energy back into mass...

One can travel through time. Faster than time.

But, where does that leave us?

Being able to glance into the future is all very well, but what about going back to revisit your past? Going back to that one day that changed it all...

The day you met her...

The day you gave up...

But, wouldn't one rather want to look into the future? In five years, will he be bald, poor and have a fat belly? Or will be get to spend the rest of his life with the one he's been dreaming about all this time.

Will the wait be over?

Will it be worth it?

Or more importantly, will it end?

The sign that I couldn't read. The light that I couldn't see...

Sometimes there might nothing be there. But you still can believe in it...

Hope for it...

So, let us accept for a minute that there does exist a widget that serves this very need. Time travelling. Would you use it wisely?

Would you find yourself standing at the edge of a cliff in the future, only to come back to the present and fix it all the way you can?

We have come far in this life.

You. Me. Us.

So far that the start looks far away. Ages away...

Sometimes you can't even find it. Even when you try.

Nevertheless, we all wish to travel at the speed of light. To visit our future selves.

Praying it to be the way we expected...


Out of nothing. A static canvas. No movement. No shades.

And that's when we paint. Create. Find. Change the world...

Slender. Metallic. We can take lives, we realise.

But can we give them back?

It hits us, then.

All those signs I knew what they meant.

Some things you can't invent.

Some get made...

And some get...



  1. Time traveling has been overly romanised in fiction. It is preposterous. :P If time travel was possible, it would only be that you jump into a later time. And not that you actually get into a new dimension and can see the other-you-in-the-un-time-traveled-dimension. That sounds more provable. :P

    But phir bhi. If, to time travel, you were traveling at the speed of light, you would only find the rest of the world slowing down instead of you being pushed forth through time.

    Just my theory. :D I babble. :D

  2. Sigh. But that's not the whole point. =P

    Thank you for the babble, nevertheless.

  3. Psh. Time travel was hardly the point =p. I could write a whole essay on it though cuz Stephen Hawking is my hero.

    Speaking in your life-and-philosophy context, isn't it possible. to some extent of one's humanly capacity, to already know the future, by the things he does right now and analysing the present? I know there's the Unexpectancy Factor involved, which we can't control, but the present today was already yesterday's future, so if you know how yesterday was you'd know how tomorrow will be.

    That's a short-term thing though.

    The faraway future you're talking about is better off unknown, or there'd be no use of the present, or going through the past.

    You know that crappy cliche line? It isn't about reaching the destination, it's about the journey you take to get there? Blah blah =p. Something like that.

  4. Yes, but what about the journey you have just taken? What if you wanted to pause it for a minute, look at it objectively and rewind and re-record?

    It's the last few lines. That is what we should all be concentrating on. I just did it in time travelling context. But it applies to so much more.

    Not everything can be invented. And not everything should be invented. So why do we even try? Do we forget that we can take lives and not create them.

  5. So far, we've only managed to make that work to a few nanoseconds forward.
    I do see your point though.
    (and I like the idea of the empty canvas being gradually painted as things finally dawn on us)