A Different Utopia

Time and time again we have gone through literary works of prolific scholars and thinkers who have, in every way and form, explained, defined, fantasised and craved utopias.

We all know what it is. We all want it. And we know exactly how far we are from getting even a fraction of an inch closer to it.

I have often wondered of a perfect world and its contents.

I have wished for a life without lies. Hypocrisy. Treachery. Hatred. There is no denying it.

A land where trust rules all. Where advancement is pursued only for the sole purpose of excellence. Not to compete. Or wage wars.

But no. We are not inhabitants of such fiction. We have learnt to accept how cruel reality is. How flawed this world has become.

And how you and I are glorified slaves to the state.

But perhaps, that is it. That is indeed the missing link. The fact.

We searched far and wide for perfectionism - and failed to realise it already is as perfect as it can get. Yes, not the kind of perfect we desired. But perfect, nevertheless.

After all, it cannot simply be a coincidence that everything spun out of our control. That our lives turned into a rat race of far greater proportions than our ancestors could have ever hypothesised, just like that.

Obviously, someone else was planning too.

Even while we slept. With dreams in our eyes and our hopes high with expectations...

Just because we did not get what we wanted, does not mean that nobody did.

In this incessant race of domination for whatever reason - we did not win. We could not break free.

And today we struggle in a world created by them. Which has lust and ego. Blasphemy and anarchy. Blood and violence. Wealth and eminent poverty...

We have arrived into a utopian system. It might be nothing like the kind we read in books or clung on to in our imaginations. But it most definitely is a utopia.

Their utopia. Their perfect world.


  1. Ah. Conspiratorial. Cool. Reads like an award-winning-exposé. :D

  2. Thank you!

    @ Ali Faizan - dude, you know how to keep me writing. =P

    @ Aadil - thanks for stopping by! =D