The Child Inside

Wake up you, the child hidden deep inside.

Rise from beneath that hard and stony exterior. That professional gait. That serious attitude. That sobre look...

And unleash the naivete within. Let go of all your fears, today. Of all your problems. That important business plan. And get up, laugh and play.

Go on that swing, you longed for, all the time. The one you watched from afar, during a stroll in the park. The one where all the children sat. Smiling and waving.

Hop the hopscotch, today. You know you've always wanted to. Do it with people around, watching you. Ignore those furtive glances. Those frowns. They will join you, too, tomorrow. You know that, don't you?

Grab a ball and hurtle it back at the teenagers playing football on that barren field, you walk past every morning to work. Ask them if they need an extra hand. You know you want to kick that ball, far away. Into that abyss of a sky.

Then walk into work with your muddy trainers. Throw your smug (yet preferred) appearance out the window. Dance your way in listening to your favourite tune. You enjoy that, don't you, secretly? So why worry about the world? If they point and laugh, at least you have given them a reason to smile.

Ring your next door neighbour's house-bell, even. And run off just before they get to the door. You did that when you were little. So, why is now any different?

Snuggle into bed this one night, with that long forgotten stuffed toy you once owned. Relish the comfort of having someone next to you in dark times. Times of misfortune. Of gloom.

Play the table, even.

Practice your vocals.

Let the people look at you.

Smile back at them. Ask them to join, otherwise. You know you will really enjoy that, right?

And when you think you cannot take anymore of's okay, and cry like a baby. Cry as loud as you like. And then wait for someone to cuddle you into a nice tight hug. The hug you loved when you were little. The hug you still love.

The hug you miss.

So, today, awake with that child inside of you. And let him loose.

It will be a good day.

And don't worry if you falter...

The Parent above is watching. Smiling as you smile. Crying as you cry.

But always watching over you. Everything you do. Say. Think.

So, think baby.

Wake up you, the child hidden deep inside.

I know you want to...


  1. Sounds like some sort of after-death experience. And I LIKE IT! :D

  2. This makes me smile so much from inside.
    One of your best posts ever.
    Awesome stuff, Gemini.