Till Death Do Us Part

Today, of all days in the past, I actually felt an urge to go and blog. It has been a year (a little over, actually) since I came to the blogging world. And since then, I have found this to be a place where I offloaded my worries, sorrows, thoughts and other random facts of life, that otherwise, either would have stayed buried in me, or have inundated the head of a single person, who'd have found it hard to digest it all. I bet.

A lot has changed, especially for me, in this one year. I have achieved a lot. Conquered new heights. Better peaks. But, most importantly, gained a far superior and deeper perspective into life.

Maybe I read about it. Heard of it. Spoke to someone about it. Or just experienced it first-hand.

I did not think of life a year ago, the way I do, now.

For centuries, and perhaps even longer, scholars and great thinkers have passed the buck to one another on trying to decipher the question of how we ended up here. Here...as you and me...in this room...in front of this blogpost. And oftentimes, capitalism has come to the surface, as controversy's favourite child.

It is perceived that socialism, that preceded an entire aeon of development of the vast majority of the world, overlooked a rather simple life. A life without any complications. Absurdities. Alienation. Hesitation.

Basically, a predictable world.

And, perhaps, the one given most blame for this radical and seemingly absolute shift, is mankind itself. Arguably, mankind has never enjoyed a simple life. A life devoid of worldly worries. It always has desired...hungered for a challenge. Something to push the limits of life. And if anything could have given fuel to help capitalism scorch, it was this need to ask for more.

Economics bears witness that while mankind has needed basic necessities to exist, it has always wanted standard perks to add spice to life. But, it is getting more and more obvious, if not entirely evident that, today, where we stand, our spice is what defines our life. It is what helps us exist.

We always thought we wanted a credit card. Today, we need one.

We always thought a transport was a means to an end, from getting A to B. Today, we need the likes of a Bentley or a Lamborghini, even if we look like a chauffeur behind their wheels.

We always thought wanting bread would be enough as long as it filled our insides. Today, we need everything that tastes great.

...If people could communicate successfully without mobile phones a decade or two ago, why can't we live without one, today?

WHY do we need to have everything?

How did we get so greedy?

Then is capitalism really to blame? Or are we the real culprits who allowed it to fill our hearts, our minds and enslave our souls?

We chose this complicated mesh over that boring and incomplete simplicity. Now when this complication gets out of hand...who do we turn to?

Is it too late to start afresh? Correct the wrongs?

Seek forgiveness?

Or, have we been phased out completely into this chaotic world of no return?

We all know how we got here...

The question now is...

How do we get out?

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