About Skins & Flavours

Skins & Flavours started off as another one of them personal blogs boasting day-to-day laments and musings, in a world full of eccentricities and harsh realities. And although it had attracted a close and reliable group of followers who enjoyed reading my end of the story, I always felt  that there was something missing. Something incomplete...
Several bus and train journeys in London (where I live) followed, along with long hiatuses from writing, before it occurred to me. 

Behavioural sciences argue, that each person's life is not unique because each person is unique, but because even in the most similar of circumstances, each human being gathers information differently, processes it differently and, therefore, acts on it differently. The impact of the action does not happen in isolation. It sends channel waves to and from your vicinity. That is what makes our life, a web-masterplan of activities. 

In our everyday world, where we tend to exist physically, encounter with a diverse pool of beings all around us adds several folds to this already-intricate-web. Our interaction with those beings: A mere facial nod, or an exchange of greetings. Leaves its imprint behind.

Or perhaps, even a memory.     

Each face different from the next one. One more furrowed. One more old. One more afraid.

Each a story in themselves. 

Each with a story to tell.

This blog then became an effort to discover that diversity. That blend. That life.

It became my take on the capitalist, vindictive and cruel world outside, as observed by us inhabitants.

Welcome to Skins & Flavours. We - the people.

I hope you have a fantastic read.