There Can Be Only One

could've been older,
and I'd have still adored you to pieces.
You could've been three; trotting about in your favourite flip-flops;
twirling in that new dress; bringing the house down with your excited shrieks and shrill laughter.

You could've known me better.
You'd have understood who I was.
And you could've annoyed me into getting everything you wanted.
And I'd have still adored you to pieces.

You could've tried to write; it all'd have been gibberish, but at least you'd have made an effort.
You'd have realised I was far away, in a distant land...

And then, when I'd land,
You'd have stood waiting for my arrival.
Waiting, with arms wide open; ready to break me in a tight embrace.

Then you would walk with me to the car, with all the stories pouring out one after the other.
And I'd have still adored you to pieces...

You could've been older.
You could've been three.

But then, that wouldn't have been you.

Because there can be only one Aleena.

And she turns one, today.

There are a lot of things worth celebrating in life. Most of these are your triumphs, successes and achievements.

Sometimes, there are other things; that touch your life by surprise.

On the seventh of October, last year, a phone call during my Statistics for Finance class changed my life in a similar way - completely.

"Congratulations Mamoo - it's a girl!"

I do not like children as much as they like me. As much as they like doing my head in. I believe, a lot of parents spoil their children to dangerous extremes; their rugrats are loud, annoying and absolutely out of everybody's control. They tread as if they own all the joints about.

Smashing things here; breaking things there.

My patience span for brats like these, has always been very short. Shorter than a blink of an eye, even. You make them smile once, and the next thing you know - they are all over you, driving you to madness. As a result, I developed apathy towards them and what they did.

I hated them. Always. I really have.

But there was someone who disagreed with my attitude. He enjoyed children of all sorts. Even the odd-balls that were not cute...

Life is funny that way. When it asks you to fill in for someone - it asks you to do it in every way.

Yes, I really love Aleena; I love her more than I thought I would. More than others think I should. And it makes everyone curious.

You see, all of them know I am her Uncle. But, none of them know that I do not love her as myself...

I give Aleena twice as much love; one half's mine. The other her grandfather's.

Happy 1st Birthday, Aleena! We all love you so very much!

Bring on the cake.


  1. Awe shweeet!
    Happy birthday to Aleena!

  2. I can imagine what the overflowing love is like whenever I picture Bhai's kids.

    Happy birthday Aleena, ask your uncle to dance like this


  3. LOL!

    Those were some sick moves. Funnily enough, we did think about a fancy dress thing, but she is too little to even remember - so we decided to leave it for a later birthday, when there'll be even more kids around. And then I can dress as Darth Vader and show YOU these very moves! ;)

  4. The grandfather thing you've got going on is pretty cool. You're awesome. :')

    "But there was someone who disagreed with my attitude. He enjoyed children of all sorts. Even the odd-balls that weren't cute..."

  5. Oh, sorry, just realized who you were referring to.

    I'm stupid you can hit my head.

  6. That was so cute!
    Happy Birthday to her :-)