Five Years Later

What if I was to make a confession to you, today?

What if I told you that everything that you have been reading, is in retrospect. What if all this time I have been typing up figments of my memory as they rush back to me, from five years ago? What if I have been reminiscing the past and nothing else, exactly the way it was (give and take a few occasional embellishments)?

What if I tell you that while I write this post, the world around me is nothing like I made it appear to you. It has undergone changes several folds so much that apart from their remains in the closets of my mind, no other traces of theirs exist anymore.

The city is not what it used to be.

The sky is not what it ought to be.

The sun is no more than a glimmer across the horizon, and acts as nothing more than a guide for the time of day.

There is not one moon, but several. You cannot tell the natural one apart any longer.

What if I tell you that in the end, it all went happily ever after, and I am just preparing you for the much awaited crescendo. The climax. The turning point of the story.

People drifting in and out of my life, all ended up somewhere. And I know what happened to each one.

Even you. You sit away confused, with random adrenaline bursts right now, wondering what will happen next, while I just grin and wait for it to happen.

What if I told you that you were subject to a massive reality programme that I was the director of? A hidden camera recording your every breath, every frown. Your every thought, as if it were my own.

What if I turned the clocks while you slept and made it look all like tomorrow, when it still was yesterday, or even today?

What if I warned you that there were going to be cries. Howls. Of pain. Of unpleasantness. Of tragedies? But actually, it would just be part of a tight script entailing a nail-biting finish.

What if, this here, was not here. Never here. It was all a dream. The kind where anything can happen, any time. You can fly. Appear. Disappear. Grow younger. Age. But, in fact, you are still in that moment of time. Frozen. Static. So that when you wake up to another day, you are somewhat different. Somewhat older.

What if this composition is larger than anything you have ever seen or known? So large that it begins to grow on you. Creep on to you. And make you feel real.

Here. Very much here.

What if I told you that the point where I say, "And that's a wrap!" is not too far? I have planned it all. And you know it, too. At the back of your head.

What if I told you that I am from the future?

And I know when and how it will all end...

Would you believe me?

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  1. yes, i would believe you. why? im a paranoid schizophrenic.