The Good, The Bad And The Sorry

Have you ever wondered why people turn bad, despite the best of surroundings, the best of resources at hand, and the best of choices to pick from?

Man has never been all bad.

But, man has not always been good, either.

Put it simply, man has been confused.

We cannot have all the answers, but we do like to have all the why's.

Like when a school-goer decides to ditch school, this one time. S/he do not simply do it because they know it is wrong. They do it because they do not know why it is wrong. In their minds, school is not the place where they wanted to be; it is the place where they found themselves trapped the moment they gained consciousness of everything around them. They were never shown or told about the world that is out there. The battlefield that they must be prepared for in due course. They are never told what they need to know. Only what they should know.

How can we call this world a free place, when we cannot even put forth a set of questions, that, perhaps won't get us a ninety-percent on our algebra test, or an economics quiz, or even a presentation, but will help put our thoughts at ease - our minds to rest?

The world has never been a bad place. It was born good. But, because no one had all the answers, it just got out of control.

Rules, regulations, statutes, principles and methodology...these words started governing lives. We do things not because you like doing them that way, but because that way was the only way we were told it should be done.

Sometimes, necessity does not have to be the mother of all inventions. It could be one's creative spark. That is not allowed to flourish. To nourish. To grow.

If someone could point us in the right direction every time we needed to, would we have done things we'd regret later?

Would we have stolen at all if we had been told it was okay to be poor?

Would we have hooked up with girls behind the backs of our parents at all if we had been told exactly what sex is?

The world does several wrongs each day...not in the least because they want to, but because they don't know why not to.

We have for so long put fullstops to all questions thrown at us. Oftentimes, those fullstops are not very many and not even adequate, to say the least. But, they are fullstops, nevertheless. And they do put an end to questions...

But, at what cost?

At the cost of letting the world take over, and voice their concern in every what way they want to? By killing, vandalising, stealing and kidnapping?

Why can't the government answer to everyone?

Why can't the Queen be asked how much she donated to the poor?

Why can't a celebrity be told to own fewer cars?

We do not know. Not because we do not want to...but because, we just don't.

No one is born a misfit. We force them out of our circle, by ignoring and putting them down, first, and then, forcing them to accept our ways, or risk being side-stepped and isolated.

So who in this world is actually the Good and who is actually the Bad...

...and who should truly be sorry it all got this way?


  1. I love love love this. Your style is very much entertaining, in a good way!

  2. Great read. *Adds to Blogroll*

  3. One of your best posts.
    Really gets you thinking about, literally, everything.
    The type you just stop and stare at the end of the post and try to summarize your whole life in your head and wonder.

    Write more like this, you Weez.

  4. if our parents told us everything...then v woldnt learn nethin...sum things have 2 b learnt on our own...thts half the journey..