All That Was Left Unsaid

Life is short. Or at least in my opinion.

It is so short and unpredictable that we cannot leave ourselves relying on tomorrow. For, there might not be a tomorrow, at all. At least for one of us.

Contrary to popular belief, life is not too long to get us everything we want. Or at least we will not know till we have lived it all.

And we cannot possibly have enough time to correct all our wrongs...If we did, would there have been regret?

Regret. Not always for what we did. And all we said. But for what we could have done. And what we could have said.

You see, regret is an inverse function of opportunity. The kind that never knocks twice. Which wouldn't have been the case, really, had life been long enough. For, then, we could all have had the chance to have our second helping.

But, that is not how it is. We know that. We know, that moment. That opportunity. Was the moment to change it all. That big what if. And when it goes by, we realise it will no longer be the same. The I hate you. The you are fired. The why don't you just die. The I am busy. The I can't forgive you. The this is over...

Crossroads. The kind we find ourselves at, with fleeting, conflicting thoughts. Over what to say. What to do. How to express. How to profess.

And just like that, in a snap of the fingers, we let it by. Without doing anything. Saying anything. And simply thinking to ourselves. Of what could have been. Saying it to ourselves. But not to those we needed to.

Days go by. Perhaps, even months. We begin to think it is getting better. Things are looking up.

And still say nothing.

Then, one day. It all changes. That day, we realise we cannot say anything anymore. Not because we did not want to. But because, we just cannot.

And that day, all that was left unsaid. Kills you. Slowly. Inside.

The I can stay with you, if you want me to. The let's work through it together. The I will always be there for you. The I need you. The you complete me. The I love you. The I do. The...

I am sorry.

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer will always be no. If you don't step forward, you will always be in the same place."

And if you do not say it. It will be left...unsaid.
Quote by: Nora Roberts.


  1. Wow. *Thinks there was a tear drop somewhere there on his cheek*. Lovely.

    How true, it is.

    All courage lies in stepping forward, being the first to take the step, indeed.


  2. Life's short, but its never too late yeah? Instead of mourning about it, we could face some music, listen to Boney M and still smile. =D

    PS: Ketchup bleuuuugh. =/