To Sixty-Nine Percent And Beyond

A first class honours sounds amazing. It would be equally amazing to get it. But the path to the first class honours - that 70 plus percent, is not only difficult, but indeed a challenge. A challenge that hinders, not my path to postgraduation, but, my own set rules.

I must do anything that it takes, to get that 70 something percent.

However, the hardwork of the last two years, has definitely paid off. It has lowered the burden of the task, slightly. Hence, in my final year, I need to scrape a 69 percent to grab that first class honours, to be in the league of the top best.

And I shall not stop at anything, till I get it.

To 69 percent, and beyond, I must now work. I must now hustle towards it; work towards it, relentlessly. All I require from you, is support.

First-class honours degree, here I come.


  1. "And I shall not stop at anything, till I get it."

    I can see that from your comma over-use!

  2. And how exactly do we support you? =P

  3. I don't know! :P Should I do all the thinking here? Go on, you do some, too! :P

  4. Mhmmm...Nah :P
    Too lazy to think :P hehehe