Death And All His Friends

This post goes out to that one person who will never be able to read this. This post also goes out to my sister, for the courage and composure she has maintained throughout this tragedy.

The title itself doesn't bode very well. But, I am sorry, I can't help it. Imagine a pain that you can't tell anyone of; imagine a sorrow that you can grieve of in public...what do you do, in that case?

I waited for someone to come online, someone I could share this with. But, right when you need someone, they're not there.

My sister's best friend was murdered brutally last night, along with her husband in their home at Multan. Their corpses were found hanging from the ceiling fans.

I have only met her once, at my sister's wedding - the wedding she made happen. Very few people know my sister was engaged to someone else, but for one reason or another, the relationship had to be called off. Of course, my sister couldn't let go of it, especially after being in the relationship for a year. So, who helps her overcome the sorrow of losing a fiance?

Her friend. The friend who was brutally murdered last night.

I only remember glimpses of her husband who also made it to the wedding, three summers ago. But that's all I know of him, and that's all I need to know of him. A man no matter how wicked or bad, does not deserve to be murdered. And these people were innocent souls...souls who spent five long years at medical school to be trained to serve the society. To help the society. To cure the society.

The society that shunned them away. The society that murdered them. Because they didn't believe in the religion the society believed in. No, they were Muslims, but they belonged to a minority sect of "Qadianis". But that still isn't a reason big enough to resort to murder.

It does not come as a suprise to those glued to their television screens, getting a blow-by-blow update of the events that are unfolding in Pakistan. Murder of minorities has adapted a form of a norm in the country that boasted of protection of minorities and freedom to practice one's own religion.

How does killing someone who does not believe in what you believe in, guarantee you a position in paradise? Especially, until that person desires to inflict pain upon you, first. When will the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan understand that the path they are own is destined for destruction? When will they learn that killing the helpless and spilling the blood of an innocent is not democracy. It is not even humanity, for that matter.

Two beautiful people have left this world. I can't even dare imagine the pain they must have gone through while they were murdered.

At a time like this, all I can do, is pray...pray to God - the Almighty, to allow me to leave this world in the most peaceful of manners possible. I beg, I plead to Him to take my soul ever so gently, without having me even feel it.

We all will die one day. I hope we all die the way we like.

My sister (on the left) and her best friend Noureen (on the right), celebrating Noureen's Nikkaah (or engagement).

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