Curtain Call

Well, guys, it is officially here: the very last day of University.

It has been a fantastic ride, the last three years, and I am very proud to have been a part of the Queen Mary, University of London. In fact my three years were so overwhelming (in a good way, of course), that I can gladly forget the horrible and shackled time I had at PISES.

It's 9:39, right now, and I have just completed my very final piece of coursework that needs to be handed in before 12 midnight. Probably the last piece of purely academic and theoretical writing I will ever do. You know how I said I won't miss it...well, guess what: I will miss it, after all.

Writing has been quite close to me since forever, really, as all of you know. For me, it is a way to vent my emotions, to project my thoughts and show off a little bit of creativity. Of course, at University, it all is next to a gamble, and I have succeeded one time, failed the is common practice in gambling. But I have enjoyed every bit of it; from Lufthansa, my very first piece of writing, to Dubai, my very last.

Right now, I need a shave and a shower. Have a dinner to attend in honour of us graduates. You can't help but feel delighted at the protocol.

So, I will leave this blogpost at here, for now. I shall continue tonight, when I return.

So stay tuned, we'll be back after a short break!

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