Curtain Call Duex

So, it has officially ended...

The final day of the final year at Queen Mary draws to a close; and here I am, trying to get my head around a plethora of emotions, making me cry and happy at the same time...quite the polar opposites, really. While on one hand the prospect of graduating and moving on causes an adneraline rush of excitement, somewhere in my body, the fact I won't ever be able to go back to University, take part in all those feel-good charitable events (that are always paid for), debate, speak, campaign, get elected...and be with great friends...none of that, shall go on a rewind...effectively, makes me teary. It's pretty much end of the video tape, for me...

So, what happened yesterday: the final day at University required submission of one final piece of coursework. This one was on Dubai. The most rubbish piece of writing I have ever done. But, apparently, Nabblogger quite enjoyed it. Don't know what to believe from that. Right, so that was handed in, then we went around campus taking photos and looking silly to passers-by.

Then I made a quick detour to Gap to catch their sale...and I did...then I had a was delicious, as usual! Then, back to University for the dinner. Everyone gathered outside the rendezvous quite before time, and that gave me and everyone else to crash into all the photos being taken. We were together as one big family, laughing without a care in the world. That feeling is heaven.

Then the dinner, itself. The food was good. It was Turkish, I think. But I couldn't eat much...had overdone laughing and talking, and that had, somehow, ridden me off my appetite (or maybe it was the Frappucino).

Most of the lecturers showed up, the ones I liked did, anyway. We took photos with them, chatted to them informally and, so on. There was a speech by the Director of the School of Business and Management, that no one believed...that's saying something, right?

Then there was music, some weird and absolutely ridiculous dances, and lots of familiar faces.

And then we all went our own ways.

It was then that it dawned upon me how I am going to miss all of this. All these people. The campus where I practically lived these three short years. And that's when unhappiness kicked in. Then I went through some of the photos we took, and they truly were an everlasting memoir; something that we shall cherish for the rest of our lives. Or, at least I will...

I guess, this is it, then: the beginning of a looking back, now...full speed ahead, all engines?

Oh, and...the presentation we gave, that was attacked by an idiotically immoral infidel, was graded THE most lowest in the entire year. Quite a contrast: from Business Law, where I was second-highest, to the presentation, where we were the about fluctuation.

But it didnt feel as bad. I quite enjoyed it, actually. It's the lowest grade, ever, but not the final grade. I guess that's why it hasn't made a huge yet.

Well, for now, there are exams to look forward to. Then graduation.

And then, it all changes.