On The House

I realise I haven't been blogging as often as I would like to. But, honestly, nothing has come up that I would have liked to talk about here. Apart from me coming down with the chicken pox, I haven't got anything to talk about.

Yeah, so remember my previous blog post? About that illness/fever? It was the early stage of the pox; the day after I wrote that post, I developed weird boils on my body, which my GP confirmed were the pox. After my Economics exam that I performed very well on despite the pox and a fever, I hardly remember what I did. That's because I slept. Slept like anything. Slept as if I was hibernating. I wasn't eating or drinking. Just sleeping. Then I had to force some soup down my throat followed by regular doses of water and 7up.

Anyways, the pox is gone. Am nearly back to being myself. I went back to University after a good two weeks, today. The highlight of the day was, as the title suggests, a free meal, yet again. In the past I have had quite a few occurrences (did I spell that right?) where I ended up having a meal "on the house", as they call it. Twice at Subway, once at this chicken shop near my Aunt's, once at the most classiest place in Mile End - a.k.a Perfect Fried Chicken (no place better there, trust me) and one today.

It feels great, to be very honest. Who could possibly say no to a free meal?

Oh yeah, that also reminds me; the second time at Subway, the reason I got a free meal was because I bumped into this guy who knew me...rather, remembered me from Saudi Arabia. I honestly could not recall meeting him before, yet he was able to confirm with me my address, my school, my apartment building and my neighbours, much to my bewilderment (is that a word?).

Sometimes, it feels good not to be a stranger. And then, there are times when you don't want anyone you know to spot you. I have been down both roads too many times.

And my Uncles, all of a sudden, have decided to spend Eid in Pakistan, while I will be stuck here in the miserable cold with two essays to complete. Wow, that sucks.

Anyways, am off now. Write here soon.


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