Knockturn Alley

I have been getting sick a lot, lately. Over the span of two months I have had the flu, stomach bug, sore throat and to top it all - my current fever.

Which is why am up at two in the morning, writing this. A couple of interesting things happened tonight, during my sickness. I shall narrate them for you. You will laugh on the first two, I am sure.

Right, so my present illness has hovered in on me a couple of days prior to my Economics exam. And I was quite literally stressing over it, a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. This was basically because my Business Law exam didn't go as well as I had hoped. And I studied like crazy for it. Anyway, so I wanted this one to be in the bag. Hence, the stress. Hence, the fever. Well, obviously, that and exhaustion and the cold and odd eating habits that I developed over this week have done their bit of share to making me feel crap.

Before I had slept, I watched Heroes. Before that, my Aunt came to check on me. During the meeting she also told me how her parents don't see her anymore, 'cause they aren't happy with her marriage to the guy she is married to. And her -in-laws aren't all that saintly, either. So, she doesn't meet them, neither. (I sounded like an East London Rude Boy there, innit?) All this, coupled with the Economics crap I have had to study, I ended up having a "different" dream.

My Aunt is fighting with people, with her "superpowers" and she keeps telling me not to trust this "hooded" guy because he hasn't given me the complete "graph". She told me to have a look at the graphs and compare them to see the bits missing off it. And I clearly pictured her shooting fire balls from her hands in a black and white shalwaar kameez, a black cardigan and a hijab.

Next, I wanted to use the loo. Okay, I wanted to pee. I am not ashamed to admit that I use my phone to find my way in the dark. And I did the same tonight. Only, the phone's "light" fell on the radiator which is usually a spotless white. At the moment it had a massive black thing on it.

My heart dropped somewhere in my body. What on Earth could it be? I said to myself and raced for the light switch. With an imaginery background music sounding to match the mood of the situation, I switched on the light. And, once again, nearly laughed myself crazy. It was the tag/label bit of the towel, sticking out of the corner.

Phew. As long as it wasn't a mammoth-sized creepy crawler.

In the kitchen, where I brewed "me-self" a cup o' tea, I had a battle with two huge mosquitoes. And I also told them to not harm an ill-ed soul as myself or God won't be too happy and in turn will punish them. And then I ran out of the kitchen.

Illness is really weird. You're like the person who can go on without food for days, provided you're hale and hearty. But when you're ill, no matter what you eat, you just don't feel better. Or strong. Or fit to do anything. And it reminded me of illnesses that can't be cured. Don't know how that came about. Yet it did. And I just wanted to quickly mention it here, before I go off.

If ever, God Forbid, I were to catch an illness that couldn't be cured, I want all you out there to know that I love you for being next to me when I needed you. And I am sorry if I hurt you in any way possible. Or if I was plain difficult to understand what you were going through. And thank you for bearing with me.

And as to show your appreciation, don't cry. Instead, smile; bid me farewell, happily. Happy, NOT because an evil tyranny has left the planet, but because that's what I want to be associated with. A smile. Happiness.

Oh and, a bit of Harry Potter trivia. The word Knock-turn Alley was derived from the world nocturnally.

And, on that note, I shall leave you.

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  1. *stores up bit of trivia in memory to impress people with later*