Flying Colours

I have always wondered how one can ever pass with flying colours. Like literally. You can pass with good grades, or marks, but, flying colours? Is that even possible? I wonder who came up with it. And Nabblogger, no I don't mean you ought to tell me who actually did.

Well, I managed to pass my Law exam with a great score. 66 percent. I say great, because out of the lot of 175, about sixty percent of students just didn't make it. Hence, 66 is a great score. Obviously, that does not mean I am entirely happy with it. Especially, when I could have aced it. But, oh well, got the essay to look forward to and that should help me pull up the grade.

Also, I managed to actually talk to that geek from second year. Whenever I look at him, I wonder, was I that bad, last year? And, well, something tells me, I wasn't. We asked him whether he would like to sit and work through the essay with us. By us, I didn't mean my immediate set of friends, but others who were interested in being a part of the group synergy. And he, in the most cockiest manner possible, said he'd see; if he had any problems, he'd surely show up at the sessions. Otherwise, he ought to do it on his own. It, honestly, cannot get any worse than that. Thereafter, I told everyone to make sure he did not attend any of our sessions.

I had spoken.

Lots of events to look forward to, now that the term has ended (tomorrow being the very last day). I just hope none of them end up in disaster.

Oh, and Eid was fabulous. Had a fantastic time at Homer's. Played Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation 3, and was I invincible? Hell yeah, I was. It felt really good to take a break from the stress of life and play video games into the dead of night like crazy.

Ah, and it's absolutely freezing, here. Today, I reckon the temperature had dropped to a nice round zero degrees celsius.

The December lot were graduating today. It felt great to watch them in their black robes and square hats, with family and friends taking photos and everyone being generally happy.

Oh, the next set of months are to bring forth a lot of things. I hope most of them, if not all, are good ones.

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