This Day Is History

A little over twleve hours ago, the UK announced the results for the US Presidential Elections. Barack Obama created history by becoming the first African-American President of the United States. People will remember this day as the day America stood up united to break the shackles of racism. Not a single person today can claim that America does not show concern for equality.

Of course this last sentence is better said than done.

Either way, a lot of people will remember this day as the day of the Black President of Muslim descent.

I, on the other hand, will remember this day as the day I lost my nephew-to-be. I never realised I would have had such a strong bond with that baby who hadn't even opened his eyes to the world yet. I guess I lost a fantasy; a dream of me holding him in four months' time and wrapping the bundle in my arms. And I will miss it a lot.

It's funny how each day of your life has a different story to tell. Only yesterday I was in Woolworths checking out toys for infants, and saying to myself: "Not today, the baby will need to be a little older to be able to have his first Lego set."

Only I know how difficult it was to go back to the store to return all the items I had purchased for him before his arrival. Only I know how I felt passing the childrenswear section and not being able to look at the clothes without keeping a tearful eye.

Having said all this, I do wonder what my sister is going through right now. To hold it in your arms is one thing, having it in your tummy is another.

Yes, I will remember the 5th of November for a lot of reasons.

And so will the world.


  1. o_________O
    I never knew that. So sorry to hear that. :'(
    You made me cry...

  2. im sorry for your loss. and i am especially sorry for your sister and her husband. you have my condolences.

    any reason why the baby was miscarried?

  3. brain hadn't developed properly or something...

  4. so it was a medically induced miscarriage? im sorry if my curiosity hurts. just tell me when ive crossed the line and i will shut up

  5. yeah I guess it! Naah, it's okay! :P Ask on, if you want.