Listerine Dependent

The dates of the following events are quite fuzzy, so I won't fuss with them. Rest assured, everything else has probably been imprinted on the back of my head.

It's quite a weird phenomenon. You are born into a family of relationships. And whatever happens, you will always be bound in those relationships. Whether you hate it, downright despise it, or are just sick of that one face, no one could care less - the bind is ever-lasting.

But then, as you venture into the world and enhance your capability to socialise, you often, meet people that you like. In whatever way that may be. Yes, and you, on the other hand, also come across people you don't really like. Some you don't have to meet, others you do. Unfortunately.

But let us not worry too much about the "disliked" crew. The focus of this post is on the people you meet and like.

It started off with something like (translated for language purposes) -

"Oh, so you're Arslan Saeed! Heard a lot about you!"

"Heard a lot of
good things about me, I hope!" was my honest reply.

The dates aren't very clear, here. Anyway, I don't know why, but I enjoyed talking to him. It was perhaps the fact that he admired me (a lot) that made the conversation flow easier. I had never admired anyone, before. Not at school, anyway. So, it did seem different to have that done to you. Do you enjoy 'feeling big'? I'd say, hell yes - you definitely do.

"Do you want to go into the army?"

"No, why?"

"What was that 'aye aye captain' for, then?"

I just didn't understand. He obeyed me. He agreed to whatever I said. He came to me for advice. He respected me. And he would follow me blindly down any path I'd take him. Yes, this last point kind of does sound dodgy.

But, well, these are facts.

I don't understand why he did that. Or does that.

I don't know how important I am to him today, or was back then.

What I do know is that he means a lot to me. He's like that brother I never biologically had. And today is his special day. Actually, his today, my tomorrow (time difference, you see). This isn't much of a birthday present. But, well I write well and he can proudly say he has a blog post all to himself. And why not. All that he's given me for my ingratitude, insults and general bad behaviour towards him, this is the least I could do.

Anyways, "jamadaar" (sweeper) - have a superb birthday.

P.S: Let me take this opportunity to make a confession. You know when I was 'shifting' and you lot were around and you guys helped us move the luggage - I deliberately made you carry the heaviest bag there was...and I made sure it was backbone-cracking heavy. But you, obviously, didn't complain, whine or moan about it...

Oh and the title of this post refers to our little secret. I will let you all figure that out at your own leisure.


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