Last Man Standing

You are only safe till it is your turn. Then fate will take its toll on you, too.
We have always expected our good fortune to be alongside us.

Advising us at crossroads. Lending a hand inches away from death. And almost always, it is there for us: invisible force with an aura so strong, you can sense its presence around you.

Lately, however, we have taken our kismet for granted. Just like we have taken almost everything else for granted. We have used it, abused it and yet expect it to be on our side. Always.

And fate plays its part cleverly too, mind you; it can lead you past obstacles and hurdles many, giving you the feeling of invincibility - and then in an instance, when you least expect, it stabs you in the back. Making you realise how vulnerable you are. How weak. How pathetic...

But there is only so much your lucky streak can do for you. Ultimately, the test comes down to you, putting you in total control. Of what you think. Of what you say. And what you do.

Your greatest weapon therefore - is yourself. You can use it to defend. Or to attack. Braving the consequences, regardless.

How you live your life is discretionary entirely indeed; how you end it, on the other hand...not so much.

We all shall fade into the Earth eventually. Never sooner. Never later.

Then we might as well do away with the army of external forces deployed outside our doors to protect us. For, when Death shall arrive, it will creep past unnoticed...

The choices are ours to make. The repercussions are not. And can never be, either.

After all, even puppets exhibit anomalous behaviour at times.

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  1. Indeed very correct. And very well written. Blew me away, it did. :')