New Toys

Everyone is getting new toys, today.

The scooter. The bicycle. The racing car. Thomas the Tank Engine. The motorboat. The wooden horse. The piano. The guitar. The drums. The xylophone. The microphone. The boombox. The iPod. The iPod Touch. The Foosball table. The football. The basketball. Dora the Explorer. The barbie doll. The dollhouse. The kitchen set. The Lego set. The stuffed giraffe. The Mickey Mouse. The Winnie The Pooh. Rattles. The shape sorter. The ring stacker. Ben10. The PlayStation. The Nintendo Wii. The mobile phone. The iPad. The laptop. The computer. The telescope.

I had new toys, too, today. I wore them for the first time, and I walked around in them all day long...

I went up the stairs in them. And came down the steps, as well.

I ran in them. And I jumped in them. I also hopped on the hopscotch grid in them.

I was very happy with them. I love them so much.

Thank you for giving me my new toys.

But, when everyone else gets bored with their toys, they throw them away. Or chuck them under the bed. Or give them to the poor.

I shall not ever lose mine. Because they are extra special. They were gifted to me by the people at the hospital...

My new toys are my legs. And they are mine to keep. Forever.
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  1. Inspiring as ever. My toys are my precious possessions.

  2. This was very emotional!
    Your eye for the world is just too unique!

    read this:

  3. Thanks guys!

    I read your link a long time ago, Ozzy - it was sheer class! =)