I am this close. To pressing that button. You know, the kind that DeeDee would push and turn Dexter's Laboratory into smithereens? Only, it will be I - Dexter - who will get to push it this time around.

And I won't deny, there is a sudden rush that has taken over me. A feeling. Of contained excitement and apprehension, both oozing on the verge.

I am excited about having made it thus far. But I am also nervous about the repercussions that are likely to ensue from the execution of the plan.

The pieces are set.

The crowd is waiting.

The dice is poised. And I am ready to roll it...

How many times does one experience a leap of faith in life?

I think I just did for the umpteenth time.

Now, there will be no turning back. Because, there will be nothing to turn back to any longer...

I know I have been cited saying this a number of times, but...


It's finally showtime.


  1. *chicken dances*
    *takes off rainbow socks and throws them at you*

  2. certainly got me excited, nice read...oh and good luck ;)

  3. Talz don't feel left out. You know what everyone else knows. ;)

    And thank you everyone else!