Loss Of Words

Did they not say, when you were little, that you found it hard to explain yourself? I mean, when you were hungry, you would cry; when you were sleepy, you would cry.

When you wanted something, you would cry. When you didn't want something, you would still cry.

They said, as you grow older and learn of the world, and its many languages, you will learn to say what you want to better.

That is funny; I am old enough to speak the language, yet I do not think I can say what I feel like any better. On the contrary, I think I find it harder to express myself today than I would have as a toddler who would have thrown a tantrum to win his way through.

Surely, growing older should have made it easier? No?


  1. Aleena seems to teach you a lot. n_n

  2. agreed too it :)
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  3. the customary definition of 'growing up' is a big, stinky piece of fabrication and wishful thinking!
    "None of us reach what is called complete adulthood..." - Colin Wilson
    *Cough* Pardon the outburst lol
    I have strong feelings on this issue :P

  4. Nah... growing older just complicates thing...

  5. Ah so true.

    Growing up doesn't help in explaining yourself. And, for some odd reason, as we grow older people stop understanding us the way the used to once we were young. *shrugs*