We have been slaves to learning ever since our arrival in the midst of mother nature.

Hearing. The sound of our own voice breaking out of a comfortable womb. The sound of everything else around us. People. Things.

Vision. Natural contraction of the pupil with varying light conditions. Colours. Identification of people and places.

Talking. That first babble. That first word. That first sentence. That first debate. Languages.


Things that were said. And things that weren't.

As a child, we learnt everything. Everyday. The world was our classroom, with each day teaching us a lesson somewhat different. Somewhat more complex.

We admired the beauty of nature. Green trees. Lakes. Rivers. Mountains. Clouds. The sun. Rain. Snow.

And admired everything it hosted. Everything that it welcomed with open arms.

Kind of like the outstretched embrace of a mother, when her toddler learns to stand. To walk. To run.

There were butterflies. Different kinds. Different colours.

There were birds. With melodious chirps. As well as other animals. All unique in their making. All different in their functioning.

Mother nature was great. She was loving. And caring. With that shade of tree to escape the heat. Or the thunder. Or the mighty downpour.

She was giving. And that shade bore fruit so rich and delicious; it was like nothing we had tasted before.

Then she taught you some more. She taught you how to sow and knead. And have more of what you wanted. That mango. That apple. Those grapes.

And mother nature made you share. Told you how there was enough of everything to go around for everyone.

There was peace. And there was love.

I say was because all that happened in the past. All that happened till the test.

If mother nature didn't want anything from us, she would have left us deaf and dumb. She wouldn't have taught us about diversity. She wouldn't have taught us of matter. Of time. Or of anything else in the world.

It all would have been left to be the way it was.

We wouldn't have aged. Mentally. Or physically.

But nothing was left to be the way it was...

We learnt to conquer. Unidentified lands. Undiscovered paths. Unparalleled heights.

We learnt to hunt. From ants to antelopes. From cats to leopards.

We became masters of the trade that was never ours. We graduated from the apprenticeship; before, only mother nature could give birth to kind. Only she was allowed to take it all away, too.

But soon, we succeeded as true heirs. We started creating birth. We started destroying birth.

We taught. And we rewarded. And if it still didn't work out, we punished.

Enough was never enough. We took over the sea. We dried it into land. And we created sea in the middle of land.

We grew. And grew. And grew. Until finally, we were ready...

For the ultimate battle.

It is ironic how you nurture your biggest foe into competing against you. How you let it wild like the cells in your body, in the beginning. But when its toll threatens with cancer, you fight to eliminate it from your system.

We have all heard the story that mankind got greedy. But it was only because mother nature let us.

Now, the damage is irreparable. We wish there was still time to point fingers. To blame.

But alas, severing is the only way out. You can detach a part of your body with a surgery, when you no longer need it or aren't fit to use it. If only it were that easy with this world...

We have all heard the story that mankind got greedy. And now it is payback time.

Floods. Famine. Earthquakes. Drought. Is an apocalypse, next?

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