Put Your Left Foot In

Do the Hokey Pokey; and shake it all about...

We are a team. A force.
We work together. With each other.
We work in patterns. And in turns, too.
We make jokes. And fun.
We also tell stories. In times, low.

We know each other. We know each other well.
We know the strengths.
And we know the weaknesses.
We know the past.
And we hope for the future.

We have differences, though.
We differ in our faiths.
We differ in our tongues.
We differ in colours, and differ in what we call home.
But that don't bother us. It don't bother us, anymore.

We have abolished all identities.
You and I are no longer different.
You and I are the same. We are the same.
And we are together. Holding on to each other.
In a circle.
There is peace.
There is harmony.
There is music.
And then there is this song...

That's what it's all about!