It is the fourteenth of February.

It is, Valentine's Day.

The Day of Love.

The Colour of Love. Is red.

Perhaps, a bit too cliched?

Out of the entire three hundred and sixty five days, with three hundred and sixty four days of yelling and screaming at each other, this one day strives to get it all right. This one time.

Bah. What utter nonsense!

If we couldn't grow the balls to say how much we cared about that certain someone, all year round, why does today make it any different?

Love. Care. Respect. Are not bound by time. (Although, My Name is Khan - spoiler warning - might state it is so. But an autistic being devoting specific time to sex, is a different story, altogether)

Love. Care. Respect. Is a part of us. Of who we are. It might even be, in fact, our religion. Our faith. How do we expect to get anywhere in life, by dedicating only one day to it?

It doesn't matter how we were, how we have been, or how we will be. All that matters is, today, let's just turn everything bright red. Kill all the ill-feeling inside us (for the day), feel the love, and at the end of the day, go back to how things were before...

I am sorry - but isn't that insane?

All lovers - all hormonal fools, rather, long for this one day, when they can truly express themselves to that special other, whom they have admired for so long. But, how do any of us know, it's not too late for that?

Love. Care. Respect. Are not bound by time.

I love you. It's a matter of three words. Not three hundred and sixty five days. Why wait that long, then?

If you truly care for somebody - and no, I do not simply mean your girl or boyfriends or crushes or hots...or whatever it is you refer to them as...I mean that every single person who has ever meant something to you.

Your well-wisher. Your best friend. Your Mum. Your Dad. Your son. Your daughter. Your brother. Your sister. Your wife. That stranger giving out free hugs.

Why not tell them that, as soon as you can? Over dinner. After class. With a simple smile and a thank you, even?

Let's not get carried away by this one day to make them feel special. Let's make it a personal duty to wake up every morning. And making their day, as special as it can get. Each time stepping it up. Each time outdoing ourselves.

Because, it is never too early to show some love, care and respect. can be too late...

So, let everyday be the Day of love. And care. And respect.

Let everyday be, the colour of love. Not the colour of blood.

Let everyday be...Valentine's Day.


  1. I wear red everyday, in one form or another.

  2. I can't afford to wear red daily. :P

  3. Let everyday be, the colour of love. Not the colour of blood.

    Says it all!