A Post Much Accrued

And after a month and a half long of crazy, right-into-the-night revision sessions, I have returned to the blogging world. In fact I was so busy, I couldn't even wish everyone a Happy New Year, by recapping events of the whole last year like before...

But, never mind, what's done is done. We must all look ahead, now. In to the future...

Yeah, so, first things first: welcome the blog comment box, which can be located right at the bottom of this page. Now, you can comment on the layout directly, there. No need to post it on the blog comments. Isn't that super?

Secondly, I have archived all posts before October, last year. You can find them in the usual way, on the right-hand side, if you are really craving a recap of some of the good one's (I hope you are!).

Thirdly - there isn't a thirdly. Oh yes, there is...

So, the New Year in London has begun with a fresh spell of snow. And this morning it was forecast, we haven't seen the last of it, either.

Just perfect. Skins and Flavours: Winter Edition, has only just begun. So, cuddle around tight, folks...

It starts. Khaaching!


  1. Haha winter is starting in London, and spring is almost over here in Riyadh. :P

  2. Well it's pretty much winter here all the time. But that is besides the point - you'll see! :D

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