An Open Letter To God

Dear God,

I hope this letter finds You in good health. And, I also hope this letter gets delivered to You, before tomorrow morning; I did personally request the angels to carry it with them on their way back up there. I apologised to them in a note left by the broken door for not offering anything worthwhile in return for the favour. I wish I could have left some milk and cookies, in the least, with the letters as a goodwill gesture, but the food pantry was destroyed last night in that tremor Mum was speaking of.

By the way, God, what is a tremor? I was asleep when it happened, and all I remember is screams and yells from all around, and then my Mum shook me awake so that we could all go and hide under the table. I was very scared, God. Please, don't tell tremor to come again, okay?

We had no light, all night because of him. And Sister couldn't even find the candles or matches in the dark. Plus, Mum told her not to get out in case tremor came back for more. All we could do was sit and wait for him to go away.

Then it got really cold. We didn't know why, God. And there was a rip in my new sweater that Mum had brought from that place she always went to. I used to think it was one of those shopping marts, that Friend's parents go to, too, but then she said only rich people can afford to go to there, and that Mum went to this place called the Aid Centre.

What is the Aid Centre, God? I would have asked Mum, but Sister told me not to. She said Mum would be very upset.

Why have You made Mum upset, God? I don't like it when she's upset. It makes me sad, too.

Oh, hold on, please...

Yes, sorry, Mum wanted help hanging some linen across the bare walls that were taken away by the tremor. That was what caused the cold winds. But, I didn't catch a cold, God, I made sure I was blowing into my hands and feet to keep them warm. Mum taught me how to do that. She said people wear socks for no reason, and that us humans have everything we need to keep ourselves warm.

There was a foul smell hanging about the air, God; Mum said it belonged to a stray dead fox. But I wanted to go see it, God, and she wouldn't let me. I would have asked Sister, but I haven't seen her around, all day.

Why is everyone crying, God? And what's with all these gunshots?

I heard Mum say all the prisoners had escaped from the local prison, and were now raiding the affected areas in search for traces of food.

And my stomach just grumbled. It's funny why it does that. Mum always says that tummies can't grumble and it's all in your head, but I swear God, I felt it grumble. It even made the grumbling sound!

This cold air is giving me a headache, God. I wish it would go away. And, there is so much noise all around. I wish Friend was still here. I could have gone exploring with her. Like we always used to. She'd lead the way and I'd carry all the exploration tools, as she'd call them.

But I went to check this morning, and she was gone. The chubby man who stands at the gates to our houses said her parents had taken her away somewhere safe.

Why couldn't we go somewhere safe, God? Me, Mum and Sister.

Oh, and I nearly forgot! I can't find Dolly, God. She was with me when I went to bed, but the bed is now buried under all that heavy wood and Mum won't let me go near it. Please help me find, Dolly, God.

Mum just told me to go to bed. We are going camping, in the morning, you see. Oh, I hope I find Dolly before we leave. Then me, Mum, Sister and Dolly can all go camping together...

And please send all the prisoners back to jail, God. Please. I don't like them. They are very bad.

That is all, God. I better get to bed, now.

Girl in Port-au-Prince


  1. This should become a chain mail.

  2. its never a good thing to turn your efforts into chainmail XD

    i like this. what i dont like is that the Haiti disaster is so publicised but nothing significant is happening. im reminded of the myanmar tsunami.

    then again, a lot of stuff is being publicised but nothing's happening. apparently what countries should focus on is fixing their own economic crises before they turn to lend a helping hand.

    ahh yes! the world we live in today!

  3. I see what you mean, boots!

    But my aim, by far was not to make a public appeal on Haiti...I just wanted to create awareness of the fact that disasters hit the poor and make them poorer; the rich stay rich, which pretty much sucks.

  4. deeply touching, though one or two stray thought sound too eloquent for a child's mind in my opinion. Still, a great read!

    Thanks for trying to ruin my mood :P