Much Ado About Kings, Queens And The Middle Ages

Firstly, apologies for disappearing off the edge of the planet and sharing nothing with you lot; I was swamped with work, and, therefore, very unfortunately, was unable to blog. And, of course, I wanted to. This post, especially has over-rode the post of the February 24, that did not appear in this blog in any form and only existed in my mind. Well, I did want to share with you the moments leading to the discovery to my Dad who had passed away in his sleep, but, had a report due in for the next day, spent the whole day at University and hence, the post never came about.

Besides, I later decided on not going for it. People have had enough to cry about over these last few...err...passing moments.

Anyways, the post was supposed to mark my Dad's third death anniversary. So, if you're reading this, please make a quick prayer for him. Thanks.

Jostling on then, to arrive at, finally, to the post everyone's anxiously been waiting for. Or, may be not. But the post that has been in the making for quite a while, now. Finally, it can be let out today.

Hang on: let me put on my iTunes. There, done...let's get on with it, then.

Umm, a warning, before we begin: if you are one of the she-clan, you are bound to disagree with what I am about to discuss. As is that person who got me to write this in the first place. Right, so on your guard,, two, three...and off we go into the past...

Well, a visit to one of the palaces of the time was quite an experience, to be honest. Okay, am turning the iTunes off. Can't think straight. Right, done it.

The Middle Ages...a time that boasted of Kings, Queens, peasants, knights in shining armours, witchcraft, sorcery and an anti-capitalist society. Hmm, so this is what that certain someone argued with me about, once. Something I horribly remember for some reason. Perhaps I did, because it made me think. It was food for thought, 'twas. The idea that Islam has made women inferior to men. And a lot of stuff based around it.

I had no answer to any of those questions, back then. I probably still don't. I, however, do have a citation to voice. A finding to reveal. A discovery to bring before you. And that is where the Middle Ages step in.

One thing we all will have to agree to, is the loss in society of religion. And I mean, literally, everywhere. Religion no longer holds that high a status it did once upon a time. Which is why, answers cannot be found in the present. They must be traced back from the past.

So, in the Middle Ages, and I am talking England here, obviously, Roman Cathloticism was prevalent. Or may be it was Protestant. Forgive me for being a tad ignorant here. The bottom line is, Christianity was the strong belief. And of course practice, too. So, let us go through the routine procedure, then, under the faith of Jesus Christ, back in the Middle Ages.

All women had to cover themselves. Without getting a little picky and fussing over how elegant their gowns were, these women (including the maids and servants) were covered head to toe. Theire bosoms and buttocks, both, were never revealed in public. The King and Queen had separate rooms and neither were allowed to barge in, anytime they liked. Occasionally, they would sleep together. But, yeah, all that was pre-planned. Anyways, then, the King would ride off in his horse, on a conquest of whatever land he felt his kingdom was most threatened by...and what did the Queen do in his absence? She stayed indoors, at all costs.

Yes, she was the next in command, after the King, and in his absence, she did make most of the decisions pertaining to the kingdom, yet, she could not make an appearance in public. Nor was everyone allowed to visit her in the exclusive chamber.

We all know that for ages, cultures and civilisations have fought over the issue of whether women should be allowed to work, or should they be told to stay cooped up at home to look after the children. And, currently, to say the latter is seen as against a woman's right to freedom. Her asking to veil herself in public is a sign of oppression and undermining-ness. For, if men are allowed to reveal parts of their body, so should women. Especially, because religions boast of equality.

There always has been equality, rightly. It is only our point of view that has changed over time, that has adopted a more materialistic approach to it all and forgotten that, perhaps, in life, there are things that still should be held high in significance over money.

Alright, this is what I have in mind:

Women should be allowed education, at all costs. They should be educated as much as they like. So should men. That's equality.

Women should have a right in life-altering decisions, especially like marriage. If the man likes the woman, that should not, necessarily, result in a wedding. Women have the right to reject men, too. That's equality. In fact, they also have the right to propose. That, too, is equality.

Both are allowed to work. That's equality. Now, what kind of work they should do, should be best left to them. But, I strongly believe, looking after children and homemaking, are in no way, inferior to the kind of work men do at their respective workplaces. I mean, yes, the environment is different, but the effort, the dedication, the passion is still the same. Saying housework undermines a woman's potential, is like saying being a bus driver is less meaningful work as compared to being a banker. Or a doctor. Or at least, in the UK, there are no such myths regarding it. All jobs here are perceived the same. That is equality.

You don't need to do the same thing to demand equality. You can do it the same way, and that counts, too. And, let's not forget that, naturally, it is the woman who has been given the power to create a new life. Men, haven't. They have been given the arduous task to do anything to survive out there, so that they can bring money, food and shelter for the wife. Ah, and motherhood is just an arduous task. Ha, I won't ever be a mother to experience it first-hand, but I can observe and see, the difficulties a woman faces in pregnancy. The pain she bears in child-birth. Even after that, going out into the jungle of the world, that, I believe is what creates inequality. A woman does more work than a man. She conquers the home, and she conquers the outside world.

A woman is a sanctity. She is something holy. Something pure. A big deal, to be honest. If a religion requires her to cover up, it is to ensure she is able to maintain her exalted status. It is to ensure she causes men to watch her pass by and get intrigued and wonder the extent of her prettiness. Wonder and never find out.

If there is anything, I'd say women have always been given a higher status than man. The Queen having to stay indoors, protecting herself, while the King, the highest rank there exists, goes out to battle...for all I know, men should be complaining about inequality, not women.

Well, its only my opinion. All I know is that no religion in its right mind would place women under men.

A woman is a precious jewel. Man has been created to protect the jewel.

So shine on you crazy diamond. You deserve it.


  1. Something I've wanted to read my entire life and finally found it here in your blog. Not just saying that cuz I'm a girl, but you've really made something so hidden seem so simple.
    Good ol' Arsy :D

    [ps. all disheartened males, you're all still special, without you the world would be all pink and rainbows and butterflies and puppies and flowers]

  2. Those words mean, I have triumphed, thankfully! XD