Guy Perfect In An Imperfect World

The good thing about blogging, I find, is that you can write it whenever you like and wherever you like. Unlike my academic work, which I can and must only work on with a fresh mind. Otherwise, I might end up writing crap - so you can obviously guess the quality of the writing that goes into this blog...

Anyways, let's move on...the New Year has arrived in fashion; first day back at university, and we were met with snow - WOHOO! to that...however, the accompanying cold is not appreciated very much, with ridiculous 6 below freezing point temperatures settling in and around London...crazy, I tell you!

Another set of bad news - inflation's on the rise; and it's eating into my monthly budget! What is a poor student to do in time of such a crisis? Apart from lying drunk somewhere...

Anyways, none of these random briefings are related to this blog post. This post is actually about a simple concept I brewed, whilst I was in the toilet, adding my share of the crap that fills London's enormous sewage system (hmm, I wonder what they do with all that crap...); the concept about a perfect individual, who lands himself (or herself, possibly) in a world that is totally opposite to his beliefs and standpoints.

I find myself to be something similar to that individual. No, I am not by any means trying to call myself perfect, as I, just like everyone else, am possessed with frequent irregularities, dotted at strategic intervals. However, I was a lot nicer and naiver when I landed in London, on a cold and wet afternoon, in August 2006. Back then, I actually was that Guy Perfect who found himself in the midst of an individualist society. He, of course, never knew what individualist meant, at the time of his arrival, but soon afterwards, he was as fluent in individualism, as Chinese are in their Chineses (Tropic Thunder has made its way into my blog!).

Back then, he thought it was okay to land on anyone's doorstep at any time of the day, as long as you are related to the threshold's owner...but, obviously, that is not how things were done in this cruel city. People here do not spend time with family, save for Christmas and other religious festivals. It of course hurt him, hurt him dearly...and it disorientated him...he didn't want to be here, on his own, in this cold, miserable land of whites (excuse the racism).

Another thing he struggled from, and still is to a large extent, was helping others. Of course, London is the analogy of a cut-throat jungle, where uncertainty prevails and so does risk of life. Obviously, Guy Perfect was oblivious to this, as he was to the fact that "discos" had been re-termed as "clubs" and "dancing at discos" to "clubbing"...He'd help everyone, always. And by always, I do mean always. He'd put his work at stake to sort out the troubles of a colleague, expecting just as much help back, afterwards. Oh, how he was crushed when the help did not come his way, when needed most....yup, he was crushed and upset, and did not want to spend another second in this cold, miserable land of the meanies.

And then...he stumbled across people. People who made him think about London, otherwise. People who made him stay. People who made him love his life. And it is to these people that Guy Perfect owes his three memorable years at Queen Mary, University of London. In fact, the more he started knowing them, the more Guy Perfect realised that they too belonged to the clan of Perfects - they too were Guy Perfects living in an imperfect world...

And while he decided to give the imperfect world a taste of its own medicine, the other Perfects didn't budge. They, to date, are as Perfect, as they were at the time of their meeting with Guy Perfect.

And Guy Perfect really thought he was a baddie...until, this very week, when he was forced to give it another thought. The imperfect world is getting badder, still, yet, Guy Perfect cannot help being the way he is. The way he was.

But you know what? Guy Perfect, today, has realised something extremely important that he would like to share with all of you. He realised, no matter how bad the world was to him, he could single-handedly accomplish everything he wanted to, only by being true to himself and his work. Then the imperfect world could go screw itself and he couldn't care less.

And did it work, you'd ask?


Hmm, it's still working...


  1. "whilst I was in the toilet, adding my share of the crap that fills London's enormous sewage system"

    now THAT's my style :D

    awesome awesome very well done you are the blogger of all blogs the king of all kings the rocker of all rockers, anything else :P?

    ok you'll get mad.
    serious note.
    well written Arslan Saeed. You make Cow proud.

  2. "adding my share of the crap that fills London's enormous sewage system"
    ROFL!!! MAN seriously! CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! I've got tears in my eyes.... HAHAHAHhhahahahahhaa!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go Guy Perfect :)