First Of Many Firsts

You can call me a bit of a bore, for spending the last night of the year writing this post, while the world outside celebrates the end of the year. More like, celebrates the arrival of the new year.

Some time ago I might have taken offence had somebody said so, but lately, I have learnt to admit it. In fact, you can also catch me quoting that I have turned into an old man at such young age. In the sense that I have lost the vigour people my age generally possess. You know, the shirking of responsibility. The partying without a care in the world. The money squandering. Girls. Et cetera.

And I think it is okay. Even though people will most likely not get it. In my defence, I am hoping the end will justify my means...

The clock is a couple of hours short to announcing January 2013. The year that has past, was a great one. It was, in quite befitting fashion, the year of firsts. As a continuation to the firsts that 2011 brought with it, of course.

It was also a year of achievement. More specifically, restoration of self-esteem. That feel good feeling about yourself every rising day. The year I turned most of mockery, into downright flattery.

And then feeling awesome about myself when it happened...

So, while 2012 will be remembered for loads of things, I consider these the milestones:

1- My first job performance bonus
2- My first (and subsequently second) raise
3- My first business trip (touch wood, of many more to come)
4- My first car
5- My first house
6- My first iPhone (trust me, I have tried to own one in the past - did not happen)

The best part of 2012 (again in continuation of 2011) especially, was doing what people said I could not do. Doing those very things and indirectly rubbing it in their faces...

And feeling awesome (again) doing it.

The idea has always been to stand out. And stand out, I will. Awesomely.

Here's wishing all the readers of Skins & Flavours a very Happy New Year. Wishing you all the health, wealth and tonnes of success. Thank you for being a part of this blog.

And always remember - stay awe-(wait for it)-some. Barney Stinson style.


  1. As much as I try every year to celebrate New Year's Eve, it never happens. Prolly cause it's always been such a Western thing; and still is in my family.

    Sounds like you had a great year masha'Allah!

  2. Meh, celebration. Often a euphemism for escapism.

    "The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep..."

    Best of luck to you, fellow 'old' friend. We should exchange war stories some time :P. Thanks for sharing this, though the 'wait-for-it' business puts me off. Don't know who Barney Stinson actually is, but the expression sounds too...American. As in, lirrurally.