Ebony And Ivory

In recent years, I have stopped fussing over how old I turn every year on my birthday.

Yes, my apathy has quite a lot to do with the fact that people cannot seem to remember just how old I am; so, to avoid the craziness, I have more or less hushed up my years, and will graciously accept any birthday wished (even forty-one, seriously).

But also, in recent years, I have taken on more of a sober approach to life in general (do not laugh). And while I believe it is not important how old you are, what you wish to do with the chance to (hopefully) live an additional year on this planet is what I give more focus and my attention.

For me, how I spent my last year, and what I would like to do with the year ahead - is more important.

Whose sorrows can I share.

Whose happiness can I be a part of (even a tiny bit).

And how can I make this world a slightly better place to thrive in.

At the end of the day, age is and always will be, just a number. And with several billion people walking on this planet, that number is less likely to leap out. I mean, nobody ever remembers my age. It is natural.

What they will remember, is how I have been with them. Every one of them.

Thank you for the generous dose of love: I really hope this coming year I get to dream some more. Strive some more. And hopefully get as far as achieving a tad bit more.

And I will definitely need you there by my side. Even in spirit will do.

Because without Ivory, Ebony is sort of incomplete...

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  1. Happy Birthday.. :P and you sure sound one year maturer (I know I totally made up a word ^_^)..
    Would you say goals are important for us to carry on year after year? You know because you brought up "focus and attention" =P

  2. Arslan, the [eyes only]-year-old-humanitarian lol. You know, I had simlar plans for myself last year, and then I met the new Warcraft :P. Anyway, Good Hunting with yours [eyes only]th year!

  3. Happy Birthday :-) (Belated)

    awesome post :-)

  4. Me likes your blog! :) And Happy Birthday.

  5. Thank you everybody!

    And especially you Bessy for being a new follower! =)