Look At Me, I Am Superstitious

It disheartens me to learn that our nation, in its most troublesome period, is so desperate for any sort of shortcut that can relieve their suffering; so much that they don't know what to believe in, any longer.

There is a limit to logic and understanding.

But unfortunately, for Pakistanis these limits have been pushed beyond extreme to a point where nothing makes sense. The brain has stopped functioning. Right and wrong. Stupid and sane. Are no more treated separately, and much like a mindless zombie that tends to obey any command thrown at it, this used-to-be great nation has stopped using its own common sense and started accepting everybody else's.

Tired, you may add, from giving each and everything too much thought. After all, everyone is this country has plenty on their plate to last a lifetime, anyway. Why add more?

Recently, Pakistan media has seen a huge surge in breakfast programmes. There used to be a few, in the beginning, but now there are loads, on every channel imaginable. And each show, progressing from health and dietary concerns to addressing general lifestyle issues, now has started developing astrological assistance. Things to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you really must.

This astrology segments are very interesting to observe: they obviously make use of astrology and all the planets and their positions, but add a twist, as well; by not claiming they can increase your life expectancy or bring luck and fame overnight, they instead say they believe in the power of the Almighty, and if you (as the client) were to take the following measures, God willing, you will achieve your desired outcome.

And that has made all the difference. They add to their concoction a few verses from the Holy Book, tell you to read it over and over from a specified period onwards, and assure you that you have invested in the right thing.

Absolute rubbish.

If whatever you have worked for till now, does not or has not paid off, what chance do opals and rubies have in turning your life around?

What does your (Gregorian) birth have to do with when your lucky streak starts and when your unhappiness comes to an end?

What do the initials of your name have to do with anything, especially when you don't stick with the one name you were given at birth?

Can't these morons see? By using some complicated theory that doesn't make sense anyway, how can you expect to make a difference in someone's life? And that too by doing nothing but relying on the movement of something that is so far away from our naked eye's reach that even the brightest of scientists can't predict correctly...

Ignorance is one thing. But, stupidity is another.

And with the overwhelming success that this field of astrology has experienced, it takes me great pleasure to downgrade this nation from dumb to dumb-ass. Congratulations, Pakistan, you have just taken stupidity to another level.

To think, being superstitious actually pays you here. *Snorts*


  1. Don't relate superstitions to Pakistanis only. Superstitious is something humans tend to possess in general. Cheiro didn't born in Pak, really.

    But the trends that our media follows is what is really pathetic. If there is one thing on one channel, then there will be ten more on every other channel. People gets attracted to it and media earns money from it AND that's where they make the mistake.

    Astrology or Palmistry is genuine study that has been proved by the history, and that is the precisely the reason our religion forbids it. Being an "Islamic Republic", our government must either instate ban on such programs or remove the "Islamic" from state's name.

  2. I agree with you C, but that is the whole point. It doesn't matter what sells on other non-Pakistani channels. But, apparently these are the kind of things Pakistanis enjoy sending emails and texts and phone calls for, which is quite sad. They waste money over such trash and the channels earn the same amount!

    And I am in favour of taking away Pakistan's Islamic status. At least it won't be as insulting anymore.