These Forty Days

"Don't be afraid to take big steps. You can't cross a chasm in two jumps." ~ David Lloyd George.

To have come so far, it means little to look behind your back, now.

It has been long since the vessel began its voyage.

And a fuzzy destination is in sight, in fact...

To wish to hurry, it sounds uncanny to wonder, then, how time went by so quickly that it almost flied.

Nevertheless, there is still some of it left. To be used wisely.

No more is it to sit and wonder by on all that has gone. For, there is hardly any room to accomplish all that is at hand, with it.

So roar up those engines. Spice up the fire. Choke the horizon like never before.

There shan't be any stopping, now. There shouldn't be any stopping, now.

Hoping tomorrow is, what yesterday wasn't. Sails have been set, due forward.

The end is near...

Every tale must draw to a close. So shall this one...

The countdown has commenced, folks.

One. Final. Leg.

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