An Education

Five minutes.

That's all I need. To make my point. To say what I want to. To try and convince you. Make you see it...

I have a dream.

The kind that revolutionaries of the past were famous for.

A dream of a great nation.

This homeland, a better place for everybody. You, me and our knowledge.

Yes. I have a dream of a developed tomorrow. An educated tomorrow.

Where the prime purpose of institutions is the augmentation of an education capable of civilising you and your life till the end of time.

Where an institution is not a business. Where accounting manipulations and cash-flow conversions entail discussions of the classroom.

Where the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich are not drawn apart. The poor is not called the poor. And the rich is not treated as the rich.

Where there is equality. Between pupils from all walks of life. Playgrounds are the centre of socialism. Of everlasting friendship. Not bullyism.

Not vandalism.

I have a dream.

Where teachers are not slaves to the trade. Where greed is a trait disgraced and discouraged. Where the profession is not all to do with the salary cheques to be the collected at the end of each dying month.

Where there is respect. Between pupils and teachers. Whom they admire. And teachers and their pupils. Whom they inspire and aspire.

I have a dream.

Of a nation. Where not a single child is denied the right to an education. Where the size of his intellect is of paramount importance than the size of his pocket.

Where the act of teaching is not a mere regurgitation of recorded literature. But a debate.

A debate of conflicting ideas. Of conflicting interests. Of the truth. Of what is a lie.

I have a dream.

Of an education. The kind that is passion. The kind that it was in principle.

I have a dream.

To get educated.


  1. I want to fight alongside you. :]

  2. Where an institution is not a business.

    Well-said! =D

  3. Count me in! 8-)
    Why not refer to it as globalization.