Always Double-Check The Camera

"Forget it, Arslan, it doesn't matter. Borrow it from a friend."

"But, Mama, that's the whole point why I bought the camera in the first place!"

"But look at the time! We'll miss the ceremony!"

No we won't, said a voice inside my head.

"This is MY graduation. And it won't happen without me. Or the camera."

*The dhol starts playing in the background at once*

Front shot of me running. In coat. Tie. Gelled hair. And boots that sank into my ankles, like mad ticks.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

My leg muscles started to shriek in pain with the strain.

But I couldn't stop. Not until I got to the Underground station.

People passed me in blurs. Making odd stares. It wasn't usual to see strangers running amuck in wedding-like suits.

I ran across the pedestrian crossing, amid honking and screeching cars.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Glance at watch. The minutes hand had edged away to another minute.

Mile End Underground station. Down the steps I ran, dodging people walking the other way left right and centre.

Jumped the last few steps, only to gasp at the queue in front of the ticket window.

I dug into my pocket(s), to reach for my travelcard (the Oyster)...

It wasn't there!

My heart skipped a few beats. Lungs still gasping for breath.

I must have left it in my bag!

My mind raced. Now what? Think! Think! Think!

That was it! I would have to buy another travelcard!

I stretched my gaze across the queue. Then at my watch. Another couple of minutes had elapsed. The ceremony was to begin in less than forty-five minutes.

My heart went back to thudding loudly against my chest.

I decided to throw myself at the guy leading the queue. Beg even if I have to, to let me cut-in...

The guy was Asian-looking.

I approached him. Sweaty-looking and breathless.


He turned.

"I...have...graduation...(pointed at watch), can I..?"

For a second, the camera frame freezes. All eyes on the man. Will he accept? Will he refuse?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

He looked at me. From head to foot.

Opened his mouth to say something...

"Yeah, go ahead..." he shrugged, stepping back to let me through.


  1. Ahahahahahahahahahaha how thrilling. :D

  2. =DDD.
    I bet your face gave it all away.
    And you pointed at the watch.

  3. Intriguing!
    How action-like. Lively. I like your prose. =D

  4. Classic! I likes :D