When To Know, One Is Home?

How do you define home?

A place where you live. Sleep. Eat. Spend time with your family?

Or is it a habitat of comfort? Your sanctuary?

This list isn't exhaustive; home means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

In my case, home is already each of the above. Yet, I am not home, it feels.

I own a room. With my belongings. Books. Collectibles. Other junk.

But, I don't feel at home. Not yet, anyway.

I have family. I have people around me.

But, I still don't feel at home. Not yet, anyway.

Food. Sleep. The rest. I get it all here.

But, I don't feel at home, at all. Not yet, anyway.


That's what I am.

On a journey. With a purpose.

At the end of a long path of struggle. Of patience. Of waiting.

It's nearly time, however.

Time I go back.

Time, I return home.


Where the heart truly is.