The Nothing Post

The rush of relief. Having let go of your greatest worry. Your biggest fear. Your deepest sorrow. Feels like an enlightenment. Like that glow. That light you have been groping about for in the dark.

Like the feeling of being born again. Only, that you don't remember what it quite felt like, the first time around.

Everything is so pure. So absolute.

You realise...that you have come. Far. Very far. Over the hurdles. Across the acres. Through aeons. You have arrived.

"In a few months, you will graduate from here, equipped with all the education you need to be successful in life."

Words. Lap up the precious moments of your life and relive them to you in quick, instantaneous flashes.

"Under a new law, wags sharing jokes at President Asif Ali Zardari's expense via electronic media could face fourteen years in prison."

"Somalia has been named the worst country on Earth."

The world, is like an apple. Fit on the outside. Rotten on the inside. Plagued with stereotypes. Plain and bitter insanity.

"Late 2008 saw India being subject to attacks at the hands of Pakistani terrorists."

"The United States honours equality and freedom of speech."

"Islam preaches violence - what it calls - Jihad."

"Children as young as twelve to take breathalyser tests to tackle underage drinking."

"Churches to permit organisation of gay marriages."

Nothing is as it seems. The truth. The lie. The right. The terribly wrong...

Instincts! Yes, instincts. What do our instincts tell us?

We are in the age of discovery, unlike any other. Fast paced. Ever evolving. Ever changing.

"The iPad serves as a revolution to how the world has thought, bought and read published material."

"Scientists have managed to achieve the breakthrough study explaining the process of ageing in human cells."

Psychology. It is all in the human mind. An illusion. A mere perception.

"Google has ousted Coca-Cola to achieve the second spot in the world's biggest brands' leagues table."

How much further do we have to go? With a milestone just around the corner, is the next one due in soon? When will this road end? Where will this road end?

"Ladies and gentlemen, Nasa presents to you - shutters open - the largest of seven windows to the new observation deck..."


We have come. Far. Very far. Over the hurdles. Across the acres. Through aeons.

We have arrived.


  1. I wasn't sure of how to comprehend this so I read it like the voiceover to a documentary with a classic antennae TV set showing those news clippings..and I must say it was a wonderful experience. You sound so..WISE. I want that voice. o_O

  2. Lol, well I did it with a voiceover of that Heroes guy - what was his name - suresh, with the music playing in the back. ;)