Face Your Fears, Fight Your Battles


We have always been afraid, one time or another.

Afraid of what is out there. Afraid of what is in us.

Afraid of the truth.

And afraid of lying.

But, most of all, we are afraid of accepting change.

Alas, life is a constant battle. That changes modes and moods, swiftly and simultaneously.

However, not every battle is fought with arms against foes external to your presence.

Sometimes, the war is within you. And the path that you eventually choose, is the part of you that wins.

Man is what choices he makes. And most often, we are afraid of making the wrong ones.

While some are easy to discern, like what clothes to wear, or what food to eat, or what haircut to have...others, are life-altering. And we must accept their outcome with bravery, and put up with them stone-heartedly. Even when we are wrong. Even when they are wrong. Even when life could never be the same again, with them.


We know we will be afraid, again, if that happens. We will be afraid of choosing all over again.

And, we would wish help was at hand. To make it easier.

But, some battles must be fought alone. Because some battles, are the choices themselves. And you know you've got to fight them.

Because that is who you are. And that is what your choices will make you.


We are afraid. Sometimes, very afraid.

Afraid of losing. Losing these battles. Losing our loved ones, even.

But, most of all, we are afraid of losing ourselves.

Because the biggest battle, is being yourself.

Today, and everyday.


  1. I don't get it but it sounds awesome and deep-touchy! :D

  2. A shallow swimmer struggles in the deep-end, but eventually learns to get to the bottom of it.

    It's okay. You are not meant to have any of it. No one is. No one deserves to.

  3. Hopefully, that's a good thing, Zanzibar! :)

  4. The last two lines got to me.

    They were meant for me.