The Beginning Of The End

Hi, everyone.

(Turns music playing in the background off)

And welcome to Skins and Flavours.

It has been a while, since I last said something worthwhile…and even longer, since I said anything at all. I have been extremely busy. And unlike my other friends, hardcore and regular bloggers who, out of everything that they do, squeeze out time to sit and blog, I just could not. All other commitments flushed out the only nook of time space that I had available.

Hence, the blog suffered. My readers suffered (well, not really). But, all avid bloggers and readers out there, surely did wonder whatever was I up to. And, today’s blog, welcomes me back…with a bang. Not a loud, throw-a-massive-party-type bang; rather, the much softer bang…a bang-let, even. Nevertheless, I bring good fortune for all Skins and Flavours followers (I nearly typed flowers, here. I didn’t mean it. Promise).

Yes, indeed I have returned to the blogging world. And not a moment too soon, either.

Tomorrow, (the day before this is being typed out and meshed with all the other random things I wanted to talk about) I start University.

One last time. With a deep heave of sigh, I shall wade into the world of no return. No turning back. The This-Is-It zone, and while most of you out there are still students drawing up your career path and still thinking of what universities to apply to, I bid farewell to the student life I have thoroughly enjoyed (most of it, at least). Of course, there are a few moments and phases that I wish I could go back in time to alter and change, but because that is out of the question, I am stuck with the present, with the hope to make the most of what I have at hand and the immediate future. Of my final year. As a skint.

Along with this blog, I have also decided to follow my pal Cow (not her literal name) into podcasting. I just love to hear the sound of my voice. And I want you to fall in love with it, too. Well, not love per se, but I do hope you enjoy my random chatter and find the sound of my voice endurable, if anything. My podcast, however, unlike my blog, will be based around issues I deem important in the general world. In which case I would very much fancy your opinions, likes, dislikes – the sort – on whatever it is that I say.

The podcast shall be called The Chronicles of a Gemini…please do look out for it, and remember to push your friends into listening to it, too. There will be something for everyone on it. I am sure. I will try to podcast at least once a week, so that we have something to discuss over tea and pudding, or, simply, your time-off. And mine, too, of course.

So, stay tuned to my blog for more information on that.

Meanwhile, the blog will continue as normal. As you can see, a few amendments have been made to the layout to help you acquaint with the arrival of change. I am not certain of the time I can commit to the blog, but, just like the podcast, I will try and blog my happenings once a week. The theme shall be the same – talking about myself.

Oh yeah, and people around me.

Some great developments are on their way, God willing, which will be mentioned and indicated as and when they happen.

Till then, I will let you get on with devouring the inundation I have provided, and I look forward to welcoming you once again to comment on my blogposts.

Thanks for following and waiting patiently.

Keep reading. Keep writing.

The Gemini

Originally written: 01/10/09


  1. I am in AWE at the new picture! (/at awe with/at awe at?)

    And GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK, Mr. The Gemini!

  2. About time! <_<

    "Over tea and pudding", lmao you sound so Brit XD

    Great to have you back as always.
    You wouldn't believe me if I told you the pic didn't load up HERE either! Lmao. 8)

  3. Oh and I forgot to add, I got this shivering feeling of overwhelmingness - I think? - how you describe it's the end of your student life and all.

    It's just really, really nice to see you go so far, considering how we first met as crazy annoy-each-other-to-death strangers back on Orkut.


  4. @ DeeDee...siiigh...yes that was how it all started, wasn't it? It's been so long. :(

    Surreal is a better word to describe how the end of student life. Surreal.

  5. I don't still doesn't sink in...I remember my first day at PISES just as clearly as my last day at Queen Mary... :/

  6. Welcome back!
    Hahahahaha! Skint. ;)
    And I look forward to the podcast?
    DeeDee is this the post you were talking about?