My Reign Of Supremacy

My reign of supremacy, will soon be toppled. I can bet that.

But, the news isn't by far upsetting, at all. On the contrary, it's great news. Splendid news. Wohoo-type news.

The last time, I spoke about it, I was upset. That day, Barack Obama became the new President-elect of the United States. Today, well, nothing much has happened in the world, although I did get to see Nadia Khan's Dubai
mansion, finally.

And I do not want to talk about it. It's huge. End of story.

Instead, I will tell you a bit about what's going on at my end, nowadays. My Mum's here in London, for my graduation, per se, but our priorities have been somewhat taken up by something else. Something even more important than my graduation.

Oh, whatever could it be?

I must admit, I am a tad jealous, but only because my long-standing position shall change forever. In every way, really. But my jealousy is over-dosed with plenty of laughs and love. Oh, and arguments in almost every store over what to
buy and is important, and what to leave out as it is unimportant. I practically find nothing unimportant. My Mum begs to differ.

But, I cannot help think how much our lives have changed. How much our lives will change.

How, a few years ago, we all would cram around the television set, tuned in to watch Full House, during Ramadan.

And play Uno into the dead of night.

Now, television channels will be watched, all nighters will be pulled, but for a completely different purpose.

There will be cries and tantrums. And horrible TV programmes such as the TeleTubbies. And lots and lots of odd toys lying around.

There will be new names. And new people.

It definitely is the Circle of Life.

Come October, and we all will be welcoming the very first entrant of the fourth generation of the Sheikh family.


P.S: The ratio of the shopping items is approximately 10:1 to me, at the moment. Clearly, my reign has come to an end.

I am going to be an Uncle.


  1. Congraaaaaaats! =D The ending marked my suspension wrong. Loved it.

  2. Hahahaha!
    Yes. I thought you were going to get married!

  3. Congrats though.
    But why do I think I read that somewhere. I know this news. Somehow.

  4. marriage will happen somewhere down the line - but, not NOW! :P

    and for your second comment, refer to Symphony's "this day is history" for more info.

  5. The last line made me smile.

    Don't worry Arsy, it's a phase, once the baby starts going to school, the charm dies off unless they're reaalllly special. I witness it all the time, considering the huge baby population that increases every year in my family oO