Three Weeks Of Sweat And Labour, A Mouse Sighting And The Leak

I have never seen a live mouse in my life, ever...that is, until a few hours ago, when it slipped through my feet, narrowly missing contact (I was so freaked out, I'd have amputated my legs had it touched either of them).

The darkest grey in colour, almost unspottable on a black tile, I, responsively, shrunk back gasping, with my lips making a perfectly round circumference.

No idea how it got in, but thankfully I saw it leave the house, so all's, hopefully, well. I flushed every cranny, nook and holes with bleach mixed water, thereafter, to poison the damn animal to death (if bleach poisons it, that is).

Soon afterwards, my Aunt informed me of a leakage in the TV lounge downstairs. Her red sofa was drenched in water dripping from the ceiling above.

Splendid. A house with a mouse and a leak...could anything else go wrong?

Well, not really...

The huge impediment to my life and comfort, that was Business Law, came to a rocketing ease, today. Yes, the results for the module were finally revealed, and I was shocked (not to mention over the moon) to discover not only had I received a nice A on it, but also scored second highest in our year comprising two hundred students. So, wohoo to that!

Then when I got home, one of my course books that had been lost in the post for a while (two weeks, to be precise), lay wrapped in brown packaging, awaiting my arrival. Those relentless emails and chasing up of the book sender (through Amazon, of course) couldn't have paved the way for a better delivery-day.

Don't get that last sentence? Neither do I. But I am so tired, right now; it's been a long day. That many happenings in one day? Un-possible (the Simpsons way)!

One last thing before I get back to my movie-watching: Be optimistic and positive, and see your world shape up well. Not entirely the way you want to...but, well, definitely.

Pointless post, really; just wanted to share the happenings of today...

Bye for now.


  1. Alright. So at my place, there have been 5 mouse attacks at different times (obviously not all 5 together :P) and still I've NEVER seen any! :D Not even one :P
    LoL I loved the part where you said you're gonna amputate your leg.

    And a big congrats for your achievements, Nerd :P. Just kidding. It's pretty awesome. Second highest! :D keep it up Arsy!

    And no, this blog post wasn't pointless at all. I was actually intrigued by it :P

  2. you should see what I have done to my room door :P

    Took a huge chunk of cardboard leftover from the book I ordered off Amazon :P and stuck it up to make sure NOTHING crawls through the crack underneath the! :P

  3. Hahahaha! :P lol.
    Well my dad put this super duper glue on a cardboard leftover and put bits of cheese on it. :P And that bastard still got out! :P
    lol I have NO idea how. =D